Month: December 2013

Adjustable Rolling pin

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Resized Images copy_0005_back image top  - Multicolour.jpg Resized Images copy_0006_back image_multicolour.jpg Resized Images copy_0001_Layer 19I found this on the Joseph Joseph website. I thought this product was very clever in the way it was designed, with the four sets of discs being removable. Each disc is also a different color and represents a different thickness when rolling pastry. I found that the different colours make the product attractive and more appealing to the eye.



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When i was doing my cork project i came across this website and thought it was very good

Table with wine chiller

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Stumbled across this wine chiller product.  I think is a very clever and useful idea. There is a wine chiller in the center of the table. What i like most about this product is that its simple and easy to use. Saves time and effort from having to get up from the table and head inside to get another chilled drink.